TMCE is committed to the protection of environment and people.

Our commitments

TMCE has always defended “Another way of farming” based on sustainability, respect for life and environment. To be consistent with this ethic, TMCE secures the quality of its products and a good managment of wastes.

TMCE is committed to guaranteeing the quality of its products

TMCE is FCA certified. The Standard Feed Chain Alliance, formerly GMP Feed, is a quality standard developed by and for the feed industry. It sets the production, processing, marketing, storage and feed transport requirements.

The internationally recognised FCA Standard is well known in the animal feed sector. The control of the requirements is carried out by an independent external third party.

The FC standard sets requirements for storage and transport
The FC standard sets requirements for storage and transport

TMCE is committed to the recycling of its empty packaging

TMCE contributes to the financing of the recycling of its packaging

In France

SOVEEA: Société de Valorisation des Emballages d’Engraisements et d’Amendements is in charge of collecting declarations (quantities of packaging placed on the market) and billing contributors for the costs corresponding to the collection.

Within the framework of an agreement, SOVEEA entrusts ADIVALOR with the management of the recovery and recycling of used packaging.

Download the Certificate of Contribution to the Packaging Recycling Industry

In Belgium

AgriRecover organises the collection and recycling of packaging bearing the AgriRecover logo (plant products, fertilisers, biocides).

Download the AgriRecover Certificate

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